Syncpad v2. The changes so far...

Total User Interface Redesign

A fully redesigned interface and updated user experience.

Ability to Partially Upload a Chart

Create a chart and upload the information you have already collected. When you are satisfied the charts is complete, just do a Complete Upload.

User Activity Log

Not sure of the patient data you uploaded recently? Check back in the Activity Log to see Patient Name, PRID and Date and Time of the last 20 uploaded charts.

No Main Form Required

The ability to just upload a signature form, for example, without having to firstly create an Assessment form.

Refresh service without the need to delete pending charts

Service refreshes for the latest data changes can be done without having to clear the device of pending charts.

Photo to PDF conversion

Now choose between a regular .jpg file or have it converted to a .pdf file.

Deletion of incorrect dropdown value

Now if you need to delete an incorrect value from a dropdown list, double tap and it’s gone.

Viewing charts has new patient naming convention

View charts by patient name and not just date and time.