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Your customized (or standard) form on an iPad!

Simple and intuitive, the iPad can now be used as your tool of choice to send the data collected into your back office system.

Works in offline mode too! If you don't have an internet connection at the time of data collection, no problem...the data is stored and sent as soon as a connection becomes available.

Here's just a few valuable benefits of using the SyncPad App:

  • Legibility
  • Paperless
  • Familiarity
  • Data Integrity
  • Easy Deployment
  • Although you now have the ability to be paperless, which saves the cost of printing, the AirPrint option is always available should you need to print a copy of your form or leave a dropsheet.

    The beauty of using the SyncPad App is that there's really no need for training of any kind.If you know how to use an iPad, you know how to use SyncPad. Just add your form(s) and start completing.

    Capturing signatures is easy too!

    Tap in the box, sign with your finger (or stylus), save.
    Signature captured.

    You can attach images to your chart as well.

    Take a picture with the iPad's in built camera and when you decide to upload your chart, the attachment(s) upload too.

    As well as the data going straight into your back office system, there's also a pdf copy of your completed chart that gets created as soon as you upload.

    So how much does it cost? Go here.

    Contact us to discuss your particular needs and requirements. Email us at help@syncpad.us or phone +1 (704) 815 1615