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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the SyncPad, you can contact us via email: or phone +1 (704) 815 1615 if you have any other questions.

What are the system requirements for SyncPad?
  • iPad 2nd generation or later
  • iOS 6.0 or later
  • What data is brought over from the SyncPad app to emsCharts?

  • All documentation on the form gets placed in the corresponding field in
  • PDF of the form documented SyncPad form filled out in the field
  • All Vital signs and procedures
  • Photo attachments
  • Can I capture signatures?

  • Absolutely
  • Can the SyncPad app be used on an iPad Mini?

  • Yes
  • Is the SyncPad app connected to my current service configuration?

  • Yes
  • What if I belong to two agencies using emsCharts? Can I toggle between the two on SyncPad?

  • Yes, when you login to emsCharts SyncPad, you will have the option to select the service under which you want to document
  • Does the SyncPad auto-update fields based on my web configuration?

  • Yes
  • Is the SyncPad app connected to my current service configuration?

  • Yes. Once you login you can manually run an update or schedule updates to run automatically
  • How many forms can be stored on the iPad at one time?

  • It depends upon the device storage capability, but likely thousands
  • What happens if the iPad battery runs out?

  • SyncPad auto-saves the form as you are typing. All previous forms are saved on the device until they are uploaded
  • What happens if I lose Internet connectivity during the upload process?

  • Data and forms are still stored on the SyncPad until a verification message is received from emsCharts confirming that data has been successfully processed
  • How safe is the encryption?

  • SSL Certificate is used
  • Is there a time out on the SyncPad app after inactivity?

  • Yes
  • Can I connect the iPad to my EKG monitor to use the EKG manufacturer software?

  • No. At this time, no EKG manufacturers have an interface for the Apple OS. You can however, take a picture and attach pictures to the incident. *Update* - we are currently investigating another method that may allow EKG data onto the iPad - stay tuned
  • Why can't I see all my Crew Members?

  • You probaly installed SyncPad before you added all your Crew Members in emsCharts. Go to the Settings screen, tap on Services and refresh your data. There's a video above to help you.